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I don’t know anything I just know I am lonely right now like can you just STOP ignoring me?!? It’s totally irritating and frustrating and I don’t like it. Can somebody just say “HI!” ? No?? Okay, byeeeee….

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Title: UnknownSweet Tea and God's Graces
Artist: UnknownTaylor Swift
Album: Unknown
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Played: 188 times


Our Top 10 Unreleased Taylor Swift Songs ; 5.) Sweet Tea and God’s Graces.

Autumn rain, window pane
look at the how the leaves change
just like the two of us
still got your laugh, your ghost, your jacket
guess I loved you way too much.

This song is even more country than anything Taylor released on her first two albums; the most country song she’s ever recorded (aside from What Do You Say), in my opinion. The concepts, the instrumentals, and the writing all come together to make a country song that would’ve been a huge hit, if it had been given the chance.

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I think that [love] it’s one of those things you hear people talk about like “I just knew.” I think that you just know. I think that really is a true thing and I don’t think love is ever going to be perfect and I think that when you are actually in a long relationship and you have to sustain it and work at it, I think that’s a very real thing and it’s not all pretty and sparkly and fairy tale-esque. And it doesn’t really have the stamp of Prince Charming but I think that he would listen to you at the end of a hard day and I think that he’d be there for you and feel like a teammate. But, you know, right now you have to be happy with just being by yourself and if something sneaks up on you, it sneaks up on you.

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And all the young things line up to take your place, another name goes up in lights. You wonder if you’ll make it out alive,and they’ll tell you now you’re the lucky one.

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One day, we will be remembered

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Tonight’s the night when we forget about the heartbreaks.

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Title: UnknownWelcome Distraction
Artist: UnknownTaylor Swift
Album: UnknownWelcome Distraction
Played: 18971 times


Welcome Distraction 

A song that was supposed to be in Taylor’s second album: Fearless.

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Don’t you dream impossible dreams?
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